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Ignite is for Junior High students in grades 6-8. At Ignite we capture the imagination of Junior high students and lay the groundwork for disciples of Jesus.


Radiate is for High School students in grades 9-12. At Radiate, students build deep, durable relationships through connecting in meaningful worship and service.


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One to Remember

December 11, 2017 | Krista Brown |  News

One to remember

Who out there has already handed in their Christmas list?  Every time I turn on the TV or jump onto YouTube, I keep seeing all these commercials of cool things I want for Christmas.  Is that where you get most of your ideas, or are you more into clothes and fashion, where perhaps a walk through the mall is where you are finding your favourite things to put on that list?

Some people don’t dare create a list.  Perhaps a mom or dad have lost their job this year and the kids know there isn’t enough money for groceries this week, let alone money for Christmas gifts.  Some kids are living with Grandma and Grandpa and on a very strict budget. Some kids don’t even have a home for Santa to come and visit.  Some of these kids live in our city, some of these kids live in our subdivisions, and some of these kids live right beside us.

I have a friend who when she was in grade 6 or 7 immigrated to Canada. That same year her house burnt down.  With being a part of a large family and with having next to nothing, her parents told her that for Christmas she could have… are you ready for this? She could choose whatever type of chocolate bar she would like and that was her one and only Christmas gift.  Can you imagine? I can’t!

This year, let’s make Christmas count for someone who can’t write a Christmas list! We are holding a competition for all Cambridge and Kitchener Ignite and Radiate students and here’s how its goina go:

Talk to the adults in your house and tell them you want to make someone else’s Christmas “one to remember”.  As a family, decide how you can best show love.  Then once you have had a chance to do it, call us up or tell us all about it in person.  We wanna hear all the exciting details!  You will then have your name entered into a draw.  After Christmas is over we will draw a name out of all the students who have participated and we will announce the winner of the prize the first Wednesday back in January.  The deadline to get your name in is January 7th but you can continue to show love all the way through the year. We encourage you to consider helping out more than once, for each way you show love you get to enter your name into the draw.


Here are some fun ways to make someone’s Christmas “One to Remember”:

  1. Play an instrument or sing some carols at a senior’s home
  2. Make up care packages for the homeless and hand them out
  3. Donate warm winter clothes to the foodbank and our local homeless shelter
  4. Put together a Christmas dinner hamper for a local family
  5. Drop off some stalking stuffers to the YMCA, hospital or foodbank
  6. Do some extra chores around the house to raise money and purchase family passes to things like bowling, skating or the movies
  7. Purchase bus passes or train tickets to get someone home for the holidays
  8. Offer a night of free babysitting to a single parent
  9. Donate a Christmas Tree and ornaments to a new refugee family
  10. Create an “evening in as a family” care package with things such as movies, popcorn, board games, crafts, etc.
  11. Shovel a senior’s driveway after a big snowstorm.

You don’t have to choose something from our list, and in fact if you can think of more great ideas let a leader know so we can add it for others to try.

Let’s make this this Christmas ONE TO REMEMBER.


IGNITE & RADIATE Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

November 27, 2017 | Krista Brown |  Events

Calling all IGNITE & RADIATE Students

It’s happening again and back by popular demand!  Join us on December 13th for our annual our annual Ugly Christmas Sweater party. Come dressed in your favourite ugly Christmas sweater and get ready for yummy eats, worship around the tree, and a ginger bread competition with a pizza party prize. It doesn’t get much better than this.

This event does not require registration.  Cost for Ignite students is $3.00 (meal included), Radiate students are $2.00 (appetizers included).

We are asking parents to please drop off and pick up kids at the Cambridge location for the regular scheduled times.

Want to show up in the ugliest sweater? Remember, they can be homemade or purchased at locations like Value Village and Winners.


November 21, 2017 | Krista Brown |  Events, News

Hey Everyone,

Krista here! I’ve just come on board at the church over the past few weeks and had one of my kids attend Bedlam this past weekend. What a great experience for her.

So, have your kids caught up on their sleep and come down from their sugar high yet?

An incredible time was had by all this past weekend.  BEDLAM was a huge success!  I have already heard stories of God working in the hearts of this impressionable age group.  For that I am extremely grateful and know that many prayers have been answered.

God has reminded me that sometimes it’s all in the little things.  We as leaders often find ourselves putting our time into making sure all the large ticket items go off without a hitch. Careful planning of the activities, meals, speakers, you know… the items we have told ourselves will create memorable events for years to come. Because I mean hey, that’s what makes the event… right?

I was snuggling with my daughter yesterday, warm blanket wrapped around the two of us, and she was sharing with me her experiences and favorite memories of her first ever Ignite retreat.  She shared about how all the kids on the bus were singing at the top of their lungs, about the sweet girls in her cabin and how she had shared laughs and special moments with them.  She burst with excitement when she was telling me that leaders took the time to goof around with her. Experiences as small as those made her feel special, wanted, important, and a part of the group.  I adore that she was surrounded by love and likeminded people this past weekend.

I heard the speaker was fantastic, that the meals were great and that they even had roller-skating. This time though for my daughter, it was the little things that stuck out in her mind.  She felt the love of God through the laughs, connections and the simplest of moments.

God always takes care of the details doesn’t he! And sometimes it’s in those small moments where he does his greatest work.