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Some of my fondest Jr. high memories were going on the retreats that my church had to offer.  Its ironic, I never actually desired to go beforehand.  I always needed a push from my parents and the reassurance that I would know at least one other person so that I didn’t feel lost in a sea of strangers.  I suppose that’s a fairly common feeling and that even though we are talking years ago, it’s possible that today as you’re reading this you are feeling the same way.

If you have heard about how Bedlam is one of the best trips of the year but are humming and hawing, stalling from signing up, come and talk to Andrew or myself, Krista.  Let us know what your hesitations are.  Maybe its because mom or dad are working when you need to be dropped off and you are unsure if you can get a ride to the church. Perhaps your piggy bank doesn’t make a sound when you shake it and you know trips like this cost money.  Or even that your best friend can’t go… and well things just seem a lot scarier on your own.  We can make all these things and many more easier for you.  When there is a will there is a way!  This year’s Bedlam retreat has a solid lineup of fun, Christ centered events that you will wish would never come to an end.  But before you find yourself back at home telling your friends how cool your weekend was we have to get you signed up.  Click here for all the nitty gritty details. See ya on the bus!


Lighthouse Project

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We are now excepting applications and would love to hear from you!

At Forward Church, we see God presenting us with opportunities to connect with our local communities by serving outside of our walls and creating tangible partnerships with local agencies, schools and neighbourhood associations. Through “The Lighthouse Project”, we are seeking to develop and equip chosen young adult “mentors” to live on mission, by developing relationships and introducing students to Jesus, during a one-year-long internship. In return, our mentors will be given housing accommodations, financial flexibility and intentional discipleship coaching/resourcing, as they live together, serve and connect with their community.

To learn more about this exciting opportunity read the Lighthouse overview.  Interested in applying?  fill out the application and email to Andrew Nunn  or submit in person at Forward Church Cambridge (Franklin Blvd. & Myers Rd.) by May 31, 2019.



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Definition: a machine intentionally designed to perform a simple task in an indirect and over complicated fashion. Often, these machines consist of a series of simple devices that are linked together to produce a domino effect, in which each device triggers the next one, and the original goal is achieved only after many steps. – From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

AKA: Mouse Trap on steroids!

READY, SET, GO… Radiate Students; competition is on,  time to show your talents.  Tonight each small group will receive a service bell, (you know one of those annoying bells that someone always has to ring… more then once, while at a reception area), you then get one week to build a Rube Goldberg Machine with the end result being the bell has to be rung.  Video tape it from start to finish and bring it next Wednesday.  We will then hold a vote to see who the winner is. What’s the prize you ask?  An ice cream cake from DQ for the whole group to enjoy.


Need some inspiration? check out these links:



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Radiate students, ready to have a blast?

On Friday May 25 we will be taking over the church for laser tag and Bazooka Blast (YouTube it… it’s amazing!) This is a great chance to invite some friends out, have a good time and eat some pizza.   Both games are for 2 hours and food is included.  So COME, invite some friends and join us for a great night together as the Radiate family!  Click here to sign up.


The Details:

WHEN: Friday May 25 from 7-9pm

WHERE: Forward Church Cambridge (455 Myers Rd.)

WHY: For fun and pizza!

COST: Just $10


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Ignite TakeOff Spring Retreat

Our annual junior high spring retreat is coming up!

This year we are headed to Camp Widjiitiwin, with a lot of fun stuff going on that we have come to love like swimming, hanging around the campfire, wall climbing, rope course, talking together about God’s story and much more. Click here to register.

Departure: leaving Forward Church Cambridge at 5:00pm on June 8

Return: back at the church by 4:30pm on June 10

What to Bring
Money for dinner on the way up
Pillow and sleeping bag
Water bottle
Modest bathing suit
Bug spray
Running shoes
A jacket
A Bible


SNOCAMP 2018 going once, going twice…

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Does winter have you feeling squirrelly?  Time to get up and get moving.  If you are in high school make sure you join us and hundreds of others at Snocamp 2018. This year you will be zip lining, skateboarding, tubing, rock climbing, and more.  The speaker is Jeff Borton and the band this year is Over Oceans.  Both are loved by all.  Meet new friends that you will look forward to seeing year after year.  Our bus isn’t full until you are on it.

Do you have your ticket yet? Everyone wants one so grab it up before someone else does.

Registration closes on Monday February 26 so click here to get the snoball rolling.

What do you think of?

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When I hear the word restoration, the first thing that comes to mind is the “fixing up” of an old classic car and then immediately after that thought comes one of Mark, a friend of mine who works for a classic car restoration company. This company has crazy expensive cars flown in from all around the world, and he gets to take part in bringing those cars back to life.

Mark was telling me that sometimes a vehicle will come in and he will look at it and think it is far too gone to have any hope of being salvaged. Then the team gets to work, and with a little TLC a piece of art begins to emerge from a pile of rust.  Mark was telling me that every car, even the ones that are 100% rusted and neglected, can be turned into a show-car with just the right amount of time and care.

This reminded me of what so many relationships with Christ look like. We are all broken and full of sin.  Some of us are so far gone people think there’s no hope left.  It doesn’t matter what you have done, or how “bad” you have been, God WILL restore you and through him you will become your own beautiful piece of art.

Taking it one step further, unless you protect your relationship with Jesus, just like the show-car, it too will rust.  And just like that classic car, if we continually take care of our relationship with Jesus, it will shine and be noticed by bystanders.

SNOCAMP 2018 Countdown…

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The countdown is on! Can you believe it’s only 3 weeks until we load up the bus and take off for Snocamp up at Muskoka Woods.  The hype this year is huge, with Jeff Borton as the speaker and the band, Over Oceans joining us.  The registration is going to fill up fast.  Have you signed up yet?  If not grab a parent and click here.  Not sure if Snocamp is the right fit for you? Check out the quick videos below. Above that though, take it from me, a girl that went year after year growing up… You will love it! You will make new friends, learn new songs, you’ll go skateboarding, tubing, rock climbing, and wayyy more.  You might even have a food or snowball fight.  Trust me when I say you too will end up returning year after year.

Winter Fest @ Windy Hill Farms

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It’s about time we pull on our mitts, wrap ourselves up tight in our scarves and act like we are true Canadians.  The cold weather is here to stay, let’s embrace it and get out and play, enjoying this winter wonderland to its fullest.  Radiate and Windy Hill Farms have collaborated and put together a Winter Fest for all high school aged students.  We are going to enjoy a day of skating, sledding and other winter games and activities. There is no cost to this event, but it’s important that you bring warm clothes, toboggans and skates if you have them.  Oh, and bring a friend or two!

Sacred about getting cold? Enjoy hot coco and homemade chilly to warm up in the beautifully refurbished Windy Hill barn.

Some additional info that you will need to know:

Location: Windy Hill Farm (207 Glen Morris Rd.)

Date: Saturday January 20th

Time: Drop in any time between 3:30 and 7:00 pm

See you there!