Definition: a machine intentionally designed to perform a simple task in an indirect and over complicated fashion. Often, these machines consist of a series of simple devices that are linked together to produce a domino effect, in which each device triggers the next one, and the original goal is achieved only after many steps. – From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

AKA: Mouse Trap on steroids!

READY, SET, GO… Radiate Students; competition is on,  time to show your talents.  Tonight each small group will receive a service bell, (you know one of those annoying bells that someone always has to ring… more then once, while at a reception area), you then get one week to build a Rube Goldberg Machine with the end result being the bell has to be rung.  Video tape it from start to finish and bring it next Wednesday.  We will then hold a vote to see who the winner is. What’s the prize you ask?  An ice cream cake from DQ for the whole group to enjoy.


Need some inspiration? check out these links:


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